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This website is a pilot program aimed at bringing together my academic expertise in membrane proteins with perspective clients outside academia. The majority of membrane protein based research programs focus on only a small portion of the necessary tools required for therapeutic and scientific development.

MP-Pharma was created to improve this crucial link between physiology, pharmacology and structure. The goal is to discover new enterprises involved in membrane biology while offering expertise to facilitate the development of strong research programs with a « gestalt » or global vision.


I am a membrane protein scientist with a strong background in mitochondrial membrane proteins. I extended my expertise within the NCCR TransCure to include all membrane proteins with a focus on pre-clinical development of therapeutically challenging targets ranging from TRP channels to peptide transporters. With this background I offer expertise to support your projects on membrane proteins from protein expression and purification, to characterization and structural investigations. I will provide a comprehensive list of goals and detailed strategies starting from early project development to structural analysis and drug design.

News & Publications

October 26th, 2014

The urate transporter, GLUT9, is responsible for the basolateral transport of urate in the proximal tubule of human kidneys and in the placenta, playing a central role in uric acid homeostasis. GLUT9 shares the least homology with other members of the glucose transporter family, especially with the glucose transporting members GLUT1-4 and is the only member of the GLUT family to transport urate.


August, 2016

We have developed a method, allowing rapid one step purification of endogenous VDAC expressed in the native mitochondrial membrane without overexpression of recombinant protein or usage of harsh chaotropic extraction procedures. Using the Saccharomyces cerevisiae isoform 1 of VDAC as a model, this method yields efficient purification, preserving VDAC in a more physiological, native state following extraction from mitochondria.


Areas of Specialities

  • Cloning and Sub-cloning
  • Membrane protein expression & purification
  • Biochemical & Biophysical characterizations
  • Screening Assays & Enzymatic kinetics
  • Structure determination
  • Bio-informatics Structure-based design
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